Phase II submission is now open

Published: 26 Jul 2019

The Phase II submission period is now open for all PIs to submit the science goals of their accepted Cycle 7 projects. The Observing tool has also been updated with the Phase II version. Your project may also be required to pass a technical feasibility assessment as part of the Phase II process in order to be added to the observing queue. Further information on the Phase 2 process, including how you can delegate the Phase II preparation to one of your colleagues, is available in the Phase II Quickstart Guide at

Assistance is provided by an ALMA Regional Centre Contact Scientist (ARC-CS) who will act as your point of call during the submission process. For more information please also refer to the quickstart guide. The deadline for Phase 2 submission is 5 September 2019 at 15 UT. PIs who do not submit the Phase 2 material before the due date are warned that their projects will be downgraded in observing priority as described in the Proposer's Guide.