I-TRAIN #3: UVMultiFit

Published: 21 Nov 2020
Figure from Marti-Vidal et al. (2014).

The European ARC Network is offering an online training on UVMultiFit on January 15, 2021, 11:00 CET [Zoom link]. The tool UVMultiFit is a versatile library for fitting models directly to visibility data. Visibility fitting can be a powerful method to analyze interferometric data and extract source information without the need to process image deconvolution. During this training session users will learn how to use this tool on real, publicly available ALMA data.

Some preparations are needed to follow this tutorial in full. Attendees are kindly requested to fulfil the Requirements in these instructions before the session. Participants that require support to install UVMultiFit in their computers or would like to request remote computer access to follow this tutorial, please register here.

The duration of this training session, hosted by the Nordic ARC node, will be one hour and will include a live demo and an interactive Q&A session. For questions do not hesitate to contact the Nordic node at contact@nordic-alma.se.

Note: The tutors' presentation will be recorded and an edited version of the recording will be posted in the Science Portal after the session. The interactive Q&A will not be recorded.