Update your expertise on the ALMA Science Portal

Published: 16 Mar 2021
Update you expertise on the ALMA Science Portal

ALMA is introducing distributed peer review in Cycle 8 2021. To optimize the success of this review method, all PIs are invited to update their "Expertise" on the ALMA Science Portal. This information will be used to best match propsals with their referees.

In the distributed peer review system, for each submitted proposal the PI (or one of the delegated co-Is) will be responsible for reviewing up to 10 other submitted proposals, thus increasing the involvement of the ALMA community in the review process. The distribution will be done preferentially matching the scientific categories and keywords espressed in each proposal with the scientific experties of the referees. It is therefore crucial that these expertise areas are up to date.

In order to update your expertise, you can visit the ALMA Science Portal and log in using your ALMA profile credential. In the upper right corner you will find a drop-down menu where, after clicking on "Profile", you will be able to access and edit your account information. By clicking on the top right button "Next", you will be able to reach your "Expertise" section, where you are invited to select at least 3 category/keyword pairs that best match your scientific expertise. Please, remember to confirm your inputs before leaving the page.