I-TRAIN #15: ALMA simulations with CASA

Published: 20 May 2022
I-Train-YouTube Thumbnail - ALMASimCASA

The European ARC Network invites users to an online training on simulating ALMA data with CASA on June 17th, 11:00 CEST [Zoom link]

In this training you will learn how to use CASA to produce simulated (mock) ALMA datasets in various formats, and for various array configurations (or combinations thereof). There are three levels at which this can be done: using the CASA tools directly (which requires relatively low-level programming), using CASA tasks (which only require input parameters), or using an online browser-based interface to these tasks which is build and designed by the UK ARC node: the OST. Several example input files and scripts will be used, as well as the online CASAguides examples made available by the CASA team.

The duration of this training session will be about one hour. If you have any doubts or questions, do not hesitate to contact the ESO ARC: evkampen@eso.org

Tutor: Eelco van Kampen 

Note: The tutors' presentation will be recorded and an edited version of the recording will be posted in the Science Portal [https://almascience.org/tools/eu-arc-network/i-train] after the session. The interactive Q&A will not be recorded.