ALMA2030: Development study to design a wideband 200-400 GHz cold cartridge demonstrator kicks off

Published: 02 Dec 2020

A new development study, led by the Group for Advanced Receiver Development (GARD) at Chalmers University in Gothenburg, will complement the SIS process study to investigate the impact of a significant increase in the IF bandwidth on all the receiver components. 

This study uses the RF band between 200 and 400 GHz as an example to identify the various additional upgrades required on parts such as the cryogenic optics, orthomode transducers, SIS mixer chips and tuning circuitry, IF chain, low noise amplifiers, and IF/RF hybrids. The outcome of this study will provide a better idea of the effort needed to increase the instantaneous IF bandwidth of the receivers by a factor of 2-4, following one of the key recommendations of the ALMA Development Roadmap.