Who We Are

We are a group of engineers and technicians with complementary educations, experiences, backgrounds and nationalities. We all participate in different but overlapping aspects of instrument development and integration.

Our skills cover the following domains of expertise:

Instrumentation, mechanics, cryogenics, vacuum technologies, optics, opto-mechanics, mechanical design, machining, CAD / CAM, Multiphysics simulations, micro-vibrations (measurement, analysis, and isolation), AIV/AIT of instrumentation, subsystems and instrument infrastructure.

A list of contact persons per instrument, project and activity within our department is available.

The following table describes our contact information. All phone numbers must be written with the prefix: +49 89 3200 XXXX, where XXXX are the four digit of the extension number within ESO.



Matteo Accardo
Title: Head of Instruments and Cryogenic Systems

Ralf Dieter Conzelmann

Phone: 6345
Email rconzelm
Room: B.3.31

Christoph Frank

Phone: 6296
Email cfrank
Room: B.3.33

Marcus Haug

Phone: 6264
Email mhaug
Room: D.2.05

Renate Hinterschuster

Phone: 6656
Email rhinters
Room: B.3.32

Stefan Huber

Phone: 6421
Email shuber
Room: D.2.04

Jean-Paul Kirchbauer

Phone: 6806
Email jpkich
Room: D.1.02, D.2.07

Barbara Klein

Phone: 6466
Email bklein
Room: D.2.03

Serban Leveratto

Phone: 6686
Email Serban.Leveratto
Room: D.2.26

Malte Scherbarth

Phone: 6777
Email Malte.Scherbarth
Room: D.1.02, D.2.11
Armin Silber
Email asilber
Room: D.2.02