ESO Public Surveys Phase 2 Workshop Programme

ESO Garching, 15-17 September 2008


MONDAY, 15 September 2008
14:00-14:05WelcomeF. Comeron
14:05-14:15VST status - report from INAFM. Capaccioli
14:15-14:25VST status - report from ESOJ. Spyromillio
14:25-14:50VISTA status and commissioning by VISTA teamJ. Emerson
14:50-15:00VISTA - ESO handover and preparations for operationsM. Cullum
15:00-15:10VISTA - Paranal Science OperationsT. Szeifert
15:10-15:20VISTA data flow and quality controlW. Hummel
15:20-15:45Coffee Break 
15:45-16:00Phase 1 summaryM. Arnaboldi
16:00-16:30SADT and VISTA templatesJ. Emerson
16:30-17:00P2PP toolT. Bierwirth
17:00-17:15Phase 3 toolsJ. Retzlaff
TUESDAY, 16 September 2008
09:00-09:30SADT demo with use casesM. Arnaboldi
09:30-10:00P2PP demo with use casesM. Rejkuba
10:00-10:30ESO Survey Scheduling Project (SSP): mock phase 2 for surveys
ESO SSP - part IM. Neeser
ESO SSP - part IIJ. Dietrich
10:30-11:00Coffee Break 
11:00-13:00Tutorials I
10:30-11:00Coffee Break 
11:00-13:00Tutorials I
13:00-14:00Lunch Break 
14:00-16:00Tutorials II
16:00-16:30Coffee Break 
16:30-17:00ESO Survey Scheduling Project: results based on mock phase 2V. Ivanov
WEDNESDAY, 17 September 2008
09:00-09:15Science verification - Galactic mini-surveyM. Petr-Gotzens
09:15-09:30Science verification - Extra-galactic mini-surveyM. Arnaboldi
09:30-10:00Survey Management Plan requirements vs. Science Verification and Commissioning verification matrixM. Rejkuba
10:00-10:20Coffee Break 
10:20-11:20VISTA Public Surveys status and readiness reports from PIs
UltraVISTAO. Le Fevre
VIKINGW. Sutherland
VIDEOM. Jarvis
VHSR. McMahon
VMCM.-R. Cioni
VVVP. Lucas
11:20-12:35Public Surveys Science - discussion chaired by T. de Zeeuw
12:35-12:50Public Outreach and ESO Public SurveysR. Hook
12:50-13:45Lunch Break 
13:45-14:30Status of the pipelines
CASU statusE. Gonzalez-Solares
WFAU statusE. Sutorius
AstroWISE statusE. Valentijn
14:30-15:00European long term coordination of data analysisB. Marano
15:00-16:00Delivery of data products and review of surveys - discussion chaired by D. Macchetto
16:00-16:30Coffee Break 
16:30-17:00Final discussion/AOB
An Estimate of ESO/VST Public Survey Data Deliver SizesM. Neeser
17:00End of Workshop