Limitations, Known Problems and Hints For V2.3.0

  • If the user wants to select files from more than one group, s/he needs to open all the needed group before starting selecting the files. This is needed because opening a group deselects the files already selected.
  • If the user needs to edit the filtering rules, s/he needs to change one rule at a time, otherwise all changes but the last are lost.
  • If DISPLAY is set to a meaningless or wrong value, gasgano does not start but does not display any error message either. If gasgano is run with the -debug option, an exception is generated.
  • To remove grouping for an instrument defined in the Preferences Editor, File Display & Grouping tab, please, simply empty the keyword(s) cell, but do not delete the row, otherwise an exception is generated when exiting the preferences editor.
  • The control keys associated to various functionalities sometimes cease to work when the focus is on another component.
  • The "File" column of the Navigation Panel sometimes cannot be resized, e.g. when the width of the Navigation Panel is too small to show all columns.
  • It is advisable to call a script rather than a viewer application, with the viewer let be run in the background. This avoids possible freezing of Gasgano.
  • In case of unknown problems, please report to: