Astrolabe Generator

Astrolabe Generator

These pages will generates astrolabes for any location as a series of PDF files, which can be assembled in fully functional, high precision astrolabes. These can be used to prepare observations, to perform a series of astronomical calculation -such as time of sunset, sunrise, time of twilight, rise, transit, set of any star, calculation of the elevation and azimuth of any star.

One can generate traditional astrolabe, in stereographic projection as seen from outside the celestial sphere. This is useful to understand how traditional astrolabe work, or to study a real ancient astrolabe and rebuild description --eg identifying the stars on its rete, or identifying cryptic inscriptions. One can also generate "modern" astrolabes, using a much more compact polar projection and viewing the celestial sphere from the inside.

The instructions to assemble and to use the astrolabe are here.

In case you have problems, you can contact us, sending a message with the Long/Lat or city you want and your address: we will print the template and send them to you.

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