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Quality Control parameters and trending

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Trending & QC1
trending & QC1
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Some AMBER calibration data are presently monitored to extract information about their quality and the instrument performance. The quality information is extracted into so-called QC parameters.

AMBER calibration data are pipeline-processed to create calibration products. The quality of the products is measured by QC1 parameters. Most QC1 parameters are obtained by pipeline procedures; some are measured by post-pipeline recipes.

The evolution of the QC1 parameters with time is evaluated by the trending process.

The HC plots can be found here

Properties of AMBER instrument are trended :

Bad Pixel and Flat Field Maps

Bad Pixel maps and Flat Field Maps master products are static calibrations measured once each observing period and used to reduce the data.

These static calibrations are available from the ESO archive form when requesting science files and selecting the calselector option available

When requesting astronomical calibrator files only, the static calibrations are avalaible from the : ESO archive query form for direct retrieval

Coding convention: the AMBER QC and the archive coding conventions are different

Bad pixel map: AM_GBPM_yymmddA_ENGINEERING_x.fits, to retrieve the file from the query form the M. file name should be entered

  • AM_GBPM_041021A_ENGINEERING_8.fits --> M.AMBER.2008-09-05T11:16:47.432
  • AM_GBPM_070915A_ENGINEERING_1.fits --> M.AMBER.2008-09-05T11:16:58.278
  • AM_GBPM_080206A_ENGINEERING_1.fits --> M.AMBER.2008-09-05T11:17:01.596
  • AM_GBPM_080914A_ENGINEERING_1.fits --> M.AMBER.2008-09-16T16:24:31.538
  • AM_GBPM_090607A_ENGINEERING_1.fits --> M.AMBER.2009-06-10T09:01:26.565
  • AM_GBPM_091104A_ENGINEERING_1.fits --> M.AMBER.2009-11-09T14:08:47.505
  • AM_GBPM_100522A_ENGINEERING_1.fits --> M.AMBER.2010-05-28T15:55:19.356
  • AM_GBPM_110409A_ENGINEERING_1.fits --> M.AMBER.2011-11-16T15:33:40.239
  • AM_GBPM_111108A_ENGINEERING_1.fits --> M.AMBER.2011-11-14T15:35:53.457
  • AM_GBPM_120812A_ENGINEERING_1.fits --> M.AMBER.2012-08-17T18:30:13.010
  • AM_GBPM_130222A_ENGINEERING_1.fits --> M.AMBER.2013-03-01T11:00:55.662
  • AM_GBPM_140531A_ENGINEERING_1.fits --> M.AMBER.2014-06-02T10:38:38.224
  • AM_GBPM_150911A_ENGINEERING_1.fits --> M.AMBER.2015-09-23T10:19:14.220

    Flat Field Map: AM_GFFM_yymmddA_ENGINEERING_x.fits, to retrieve the file from the query form the M. file name should be entered

  • AM_GFFM_041021A_ENGINEERING_8.fits --> M.AMBER.2008-09-05T11:17:04.982
  • AM_GFFM_070915A_ENGINEERING_8.fits --> M.AMBER.2008-09-05T11:17:08.880
  • AM_GFFM_080206A_ENGINEERING_8.fits --> M.AMBER.2008-09-05T11:17:12.555
  • AM_GFFM_080914A_ENGINEERING_8.fits --> M.AMBER.2008-09-16T16:24:36.100
  • AM_GFFM_090607A_ENGINEERING_8.fits --> M.AMBER.2009-06-10T09:01:37.744
  • AM_GFFM_091104A_ENGINEERING_8.fits --> M.AMBER.2009-11-09T14:08:51.315
  • AM_GFFM_100522A_ENGINEERING_8.fits --> M.AMBER.2010-05-28T15:55:31.033
  • AM_GFFM_110409A_ENGINEERING_8.fits --> M.AMBER.2011-04-12T15:49:58.936
  • AM_GFFM_111108A_ENGINEERING_8.fits --> M.AMBER.2011-11-14T15:35:55.506
  • AM_GFFM_120812A_ENGINEERING_8.fits --> M.AMBER.2012-08-17T18:30:16.519
  • AM_GFFM_130222A_ENGINEERING_8.fits --> M.AMBER.2013-03-01T11:00:58.924
  • AM_GFFM_140531A_ENGINEERING_8.fits --> M.AMBER.2014-06-02T10:38:39.834
  • AM_GFFM_150911A_ENGINEERING_8.fits --> M.AMBER.2015-09-23T10:19:23.346

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