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GIRAFFE trending system: overview of scores

Last update: 2017-05-28T16:31:58 (UT)

General news:
GIRAFFE news: Medusa ARC frames indicate a higher value for rms_fit (quality of dispersion solution degraded a bit); unclear if related to the dip in lamp flux, to be monitored [qc_flames@eso.org]

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detector:_bias   bias_Normal bias_Fast
detector:_monitoring   dark linearity&gain fp-noise contamination correlations
gratings:_stability   grating
lamps:_stability   SIM-lamp FF-lamp ARC-lamp NAS-lamp
flat:_level   Health all_FLATs per_WLN
flat:_saturation   all_FLATs
wavelength_calib   rms N_lines resolution
fibre_width   Health all_FLATs
fibre_localization   Health all_FLATs
fibre_stability     no scoring
system_efficiency   Efficiency per_WLN