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Last update: 2016-07-24T06:29:59 (UT)

General news: Saturday 23rd July (extending to Sunday 24th if required) there will be IT activ ity. Databases will not be available. No new data will be visible on the QC moni tors.
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detector:_bias   Median Master_RON Raw_RON Struct_X Struct_Y
detector:_monitoring   dark linearity gain
parasitic_light   Std_Modes
cross_dispersers   Mean RMS
gratings:_position_daily_all_CD   346B_CD1 437B_CD2 580U_CD3 860U_CD4 580L_CD3 860L_CD4 Thermal_BLUE REDU REDL
lamps:_stability   FF_Lamps ThAr_Lamp
wavelength_calib_daily_CD2_CD3   Resolution B_CD2_A B_CD2_B RU_CD3_A RU_CD3_B RL_CD3_A RL_CD3_B Thermal
wavelength_calib_all_CD   Res_BLUE Res_REDU Res_REDL BLUE_CD1 B_CD2 REDL_CD3 RL_CD4 REDU_CD3 RU_CD4
wavelength_calib_derotator   Drot_resolution Drot_ThAR_lamp
gratings:_position   520_Plate1 580_P1 860_P1 520_Plate2 580_P2 860_P2
lamps:_stability_(580_REDU)   FF_LAMP3 ThAr_LAMP1 SFLAT
  _same_(580_REDL)   FF_LAMP3 ThAr_LAMP1
wavelength_calib_580   Res_U Res_L Disp_U Disp_L NLines_U NLines_L WLmin_U WLmin_L WLmax_U WLmax_L
fibres:_stability_and_status_(REDU)   stability_P1_U stability_P1_L status_P1 stability_P2_U stability_P2_L status_P2
system_efficiency   Efficiency_BLUE Efficiency_RED per_WLN