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KPI     no scoring
    2019-02-14 test KPI [ipercher@eso.org] 2019-02-11 test [ipercher@eso.org]
detector:_bias   Median Master_RON Raw_RON Struct_X Struct_Y Pattern_noise
    2021-05-26 draft HC plot to detect patterns in the bias raw files [ipercher@eso.org]
detector:_monitoring   dark linearity gain duty_cycle
parasitic_light   Std_Modes
cross_dispersers   Mean RMS
gratings:_position_daily_all_CD   346B_CD1 437B_CD2 580U_CD3 860U_CD4 580L_CD3 860L_CD4 Thermal_BLUE REDU REDL
lamps:_stability   FF_Lamps ThAr_Lamp
wavelength_calib_daily_CD2_CD3   Resolution B_CD2_A B_CD2_B RU_CD3_A RU_CD3_B RL_CD3_A RL_CD3_B Thermal FWHM
    2021-10-31 PPRS-081547 UVES red arm spectral resolution low [aleksandar.cikota@eso.org] 2021-12-12 Red CCD refocused - this impacted the resolution and upper red CCD. Could be related with increase in RMS residual between measured line position / expected position (RU_CD3_A/B RMS_Residual_U) [bcourtne@eso.org]
wavelength_calib_all_CD   Res_BLUE Res_REDU Res_REDL BLUE_CD1 B_CD2 REDL_CD3 RL_CD4 REDU_CD3 RU_CD4
wavelength_calib_derotator   Drot_resolution Drot_ThAR_lamp
gratings:_position   520_Plate1 580_P1 860_P1 520_Plate2 580_P2 860_P2
lamps:_stability_(580_REDU)   FF_LAMP3 Flux_FF_LAMP3 ThAr_LAMP1 SFLAT_LAMP5
    2021-06-07 High efficiency of fib 5 (plot 5) is due to the associated SFLAT. See http://sciops.pl.eso.org/wiki/index.php/UVES_-_QC1_troubleshooting [qc_uves@eso.org]
  _same_(580_REDL)   FF_LAMP3 Flux_FF_LAMP3 ThAr_LAMP1
wavelength_calib_580   Res_U Res_L Disp_U Disp_L NLines_U NLines_L WLmin_U WLmin_L WLmax_U WLmax_L
fibres:_stability_and_status_(REDU)   stability_P1_U stability_P1_L status_P1 stability_P2_U stability_P2_L status_P2
system_efficiency   BLUE_STD RED_STD Efficiency_BLUE Efficiency_RED STD_per_WLN