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The Venus Transit 2004

... How to Prepare Yourself for the Day of the Transit!

This page contains useful advice for anybody who is not a professional or amateur astronomer and who wants to partake in the unique celestial event on June 8, 2004, when Venus passes in front of the Sun, for the first time in 122 years!

Take a moment to read the step-by-step join-the-transit explanations, with plenty of ideas and suggestions for how to get the most of this occasion!

To begin with, here are some of the related issues and topics you might want to consider, with links to the corresponding pages:

  • Beginning now...
    • Where will you be on June 8?
    • Where is the transit visible?
    • Your own observations?
    • Join the Video Contest?
    • At the school
  • Ten days before...
    • Media reports!
    • Related public events in your area?
    • Want to know more?
  • A few days before...
    • The weather!
    • The VT-2004 Central Display goes active
    • All prepared for the observations?
    • Millions of people!
    • Measuring the distance to the Sun!
    • Your photos and drawings!
    • The next chance

For your convenience, the complete text is available on this page.


If you have questions in this context, you may contact the organisers via email at or post them on the VT-2004 FORUM.