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Spell-Weavers Assembly of Dietersheim

The Spell-Weavers of Dietersheim assemble roughly once every second week, and mostly on Thursdays. The primary purpose of the assemblies is to play some Magic and have a good time. Therefore, bring your decks and play for fun.








If you would like to try and measure your talent against other players, then we are currently rating/ranking games in two permanently running tournaments: The ``Continuous Draft Tour'' (CoD), - and the ``ABC-common Tour''. The ``Champion Impersonation Challenge Tour'' (CIC) is currently frozen due to lack of interest, while the ``Mixed-Media Magic Tournaments'' (MMM) is still arranged at irregular intervals, but is no longer ranked in itself.

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Highlights of SWAD History

2006 Mirage Online League: Clan SWAD 1st and 2nd

The 2005 SWAD vs GG Team Challenge. Our Successful Kamigawa SWAD team:

The 2004 Halloween Challenge

SWADders and GGers ( Garching Gatherers) met on Nov 14, 2004 for the first annual(?)

Halloween Story Deck Challenge Invitational

A report on this event will appear here shortly (I hope - I just noticed that this page has not in fact been updated since Nov 2, 2002! So much for my ability to plan) but for now I'll simply start placing links to the stories here. Players and/or decks present: GG was represented by Derek and Arne, and by Matthias's "Tims Vampire Harem" deck (Matthias proper could unfortunately not make it), SWADders present were R2 (SWADder trainee), Norbert, Jonas and Palle.

Memorable moments

Memorable moments from the story telling were many, here just a few of my favourites: "The Elephant in favour of permanent solutions". You may wonder how an elephant comes into a Halloween story - (so did I) - but in fact it was indeed needed in order to be able to irritate the bat sufficiently to get the black ball rolling, and Jonas - it was a very nice tricky way of getting another red burn into the deck via an elephant split-card rather than simply an elephant straight, one point extra for that trick. I was deeply moved by the terrible tragedy that befell the poor people of An-Havva, and especially the way that poor little innocent Johanna got chopped to minced meet by her dear old uncle. I'll never be able to play the Mischievous Poltergeist or Uncle Istvan again without a little moment of respectful silence. Derek was absolutely right in assuming that "Nobody expected the Serra Inquisition" ... To dare play white on this occasion was really out of the question (I thought), but I forgave him the moment the Inquisition popped out the second time, this was my favourite moment I think. Playing the Light of Day was a nasty bit of work, but we must acknowledge that Derek did show enough restraint to not come up with some strange excuse for why Karma would fit with the Inquisition. The one thing I missed was the "stab him with the soft cushions" card.


I had hoped we could get to play of order 65 duels or so, but in the end we got to finish only 51. With the story telling going on until almost 3, and then dinner and all, I actually think that 51 duels is well done - pretty much 20 minutes per duel all included. All the results of the 51 individual duels were recorded on sheets, and I have now re-typed them in digital form. This list is still preliminary, I want someone to check for typing errors.

On the basis of this list (still to be checked) I have extracted a bit of statistical information and preliminary rankings.


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Planned developments at this site:
Add ratings and rankings for CoD, MMM, and Enhanced Precon.
Add a ``trading post''.
Add sections describing the various formats we play, and the format of the rating input, decks etc.
Add list of players (if they agree), and links to their pages.
Add links to WotC, DCI, Duelist, Rules, Funtainment, Online Magic, Online stores, other cool sites.

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