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Use the qc_shift account on muc02 to login to any of the accounts.
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2. HC monitor:
data transfer infrastructure


any HC monitor, go to MORE

'transfer' and 'ngas' boxes for all instruments should be green (no delays of more than one hour)

Normally either all flags are green, or more than one is red (transfer and ngas are not instrument-aware). The flags are created by dfoMonitor.

possible issues:
transfer delayed (DTS problem)

inform DHA (but they should know it anyway).

check on the DFO monitor the 'DataTransfer' link, to see if this is a known problem

ngas access not possible send a ticket/mail to AOG

Find more in the HC help.

Put a note on HC monitor General news: (here)
(login to stargate1; cd qc/ALL; edit HC_POSTIT; will become visible on exported pages immediately)

The transfer and bandwidth monitors on the calChecker provide more information.