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QC References
QC Reference Books


This is a list of relevant reference books available in the offices of the QC Group members.

A separate reference book page is dedicated to SPIE and conference proceedings.

Topic Book Title (Author) Library/Personal Location
C Practical C++ Programming (O'Reilly) P Wolfgang
Die C++ Programmiersprache P Burkhard
Programmieren in C (Kernighan) P Burkhard
Linux/Unix Unix Power Tools (O'Reilly) P Wolfgang
Python The Quick Python Book (Harms) P Burkhard
Learning Python (O'Reilly) P Burkhard
Shell Shell Programming in 24 Hours P Reinhard
sed & awk (O'Reilly) P Wolfgang
SQL Fast Track to ASE P Reinhard
Advanced T-SQL: Tips & Tricks P Reinhard
Relationale Datenbanken und SQL [in German] P Reinhard
Web Web Design in a Nutshell [in German] P Reinhard


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