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QC References
QC Reference Books

This is a list of relevant SPIE, ADASS, CAL workshops and other conference proceedings available in the offices of the QC Group members.

A separate reference book page is dedicated to Reference Books.

Topic Book Title (Author) Library/Personal Location
SPIE Volumes: 3349; 4005; 4008 (parts I & II); 4010; 4011; 5493; 6270 P Reinhard
Volumes: 5493; 6265 (parts I & II) P Burkhard
  Astronomical Telescopes and Instruments (May 2006) P Reinhard

ESO/ST-ECP: Calibrating and Understanding HST & ESO Instruments (ESO Conference and Workshop Proceedings Vol. 53., 1995)

P Reinhard
  HST Calibration Workshop (2005) P Reinhard


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January 10, 2013