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Last update: 2023-11-29T23:21:39 (UT)

General news: NOTE: The Health Check and calChecker services will be moved to qcFlow in the course of 2023 on an instrument by instrument basis. The current pages will then not be updated any longer.
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dark   DARK_med_YJHK DARK_med_LM DARK_RON DARK_med DARK_nbad
flat   FLAT_flux_YJHK FLAT_med_YJHK FLAT_flux_L FLAT_flux_M FLAT_flux FLAT_med
wave   WAVE_cntwl WAVE_cntwl_YJHK WAVE_resol WAVE_resol_YJHK
slit   tilt
system_efficiency   system_efficiency
metrology   NeKr_flux total_offsets
detector:_drk     no scoring
detector:_monitoring     no scoring
arcs     no scoring
ffields_&_lamps     no scoring
system_efficiency     no scoring
image_quality_science     no scoring