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Details - VISTA match with AllWISE SDSS and 6dFGS

Position Name Description Data Type Data Size UCD Physical Unit
1 SOURCEID_VISTA UID of this merged detection as assigned by merge algorithm INT64 1;meta.main
3 SPECOBJID_SDSS ID of the SDSS Spectral table STRING 22
4 SPECID_6DFGS Spectroscopic ID from 6dFGS INT32 1
5 TARGETID_6DFGS Target ID from 6dFGS INT32 1
6 BOSS_SPECOBJ_ID ID of the BOSS targets INT32 1
7 EBOSS_TARGET_ID ID of the EBOSS Targets INT64 1
8 SURVEY Survey where the object has been detected STRING 6 meta.ref
9 RA_SDSS Celestial Right Ascension for SDSS DOUBLE 1 pos.eq.ra;meta.main deg
10 DEC_SDSS Celestial Declination for SDSS DOUBLE 1 pos.eq.dec;meta.main deg
11 RA_6DFGS Celestial Right Ascension for 6dFGS DOUBLE 1 pos.eq.ra deg
12 DEC_6DFGS Celestial Declination for 6dFGS DOUBLE 1 pos.eq.dec deg
13 Z_SDSS Redshift measurement from SDSS FLOAT 1 src.redshift
14 Z_ERR_SDSS Error on the redshift measurement FLOAT 1 stat.error;src.redshift
15 ZWARNING_SDSS Warning on the redshift measurement INT32 1 meta.code.qual;src.redshift
16 Z_6DFGS Redshift estimation from 6dFGS DOUBLE 1 src.redshift
17 Z_HELIO_6DFGS Redshift estimation from 6dFGS with Heliocentric correction DOUBLE 1 src.redshift
18 QUALITY_6DFGS redshift measurement quality: 4=good 1=bad (6=star) INT16 1 meta.code.qual;src.redshift
19 CLASS_SDSS Object classification from SDSS STRING 6 src.class
20 SUBCLASS_SDSS Object sub-classification from SDSS STRING 21 src.class
21 SUPERCOSMOS_CLASS Object classification from SuperCOSMOS STRING 9 src.class
22 ELODIE_FILENAME FILENAME of the ELODIE sources STRING 25 meta.file
24 TARGETTYPE Type of target (science or standard) STRING 8 src.class
25 ELODIE_SPTYPE Stellar spectra type for ELODIE STRING 12 src.spType
26 ELODIE_BV B-V for ELODIE stars FLOAT 1 phot.color;em.opt.B;em.opt.V
27 ELODIE_TEFF Teff for ELODIE stars FLOAT 1 phys.temperature.effective C
28 ELODIE_LOGG Log(gravity) for ELODIE stars FLOAT 1 phys.gravity
29 ELODIE_FEH Fe/H for ELODIE stars FLOAT 1 phys.abund.Fe
30 ELODIE_Z Metallicity for ELODIE stars FLOAT 1 phys.abund.Z
31 ELODIE_Z_ERR Error on metallicity for ELODIE stars FLOAT 1 stat.error;phys.abund.Z