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Details - ATLASGAL - APEX Large Area Survey of the Galaxy

Position Name Description Data Type Data Size UCD Physical Unit
1 GC_ID Sequential number of the source INT64 1 meta.record
2 ATLAS_NAME Name of the source STRING 16;meta.main
3 RA Right ascension (J2000) DOUBLE 1 pos.eq.ra;meta.main deg
4 DE Declination (J2000) DOUBLE 1 pos.eq.dec;meta.main deg
5 MAJOR_FWHM Beam convolved major axis of the fitted Gaussian INT64 1 phys.angSize arcsec
6 MINOR_FWHM Beam convolved minor axis of the fitted Gaussian INT64 1 phys.angSize;src arcsec
7 PA Position angle of the fitted Gaussian measured from north to east INT64 1 pos.posAng;meta.modelled deg
8 FLUX Peak flux at 870um (in Jy/beam) INT64 1 phot.flux.density; Jy
9 INT_FLUX Integrated flux at 870um DOUBLE 1 phot.flux.density; Jy
10 SNR Signal-to-noise ratio determined from the weight maps DOUBLE 1 stat.snr