This is the web-page of the Vitacura Star Cluster Group. Subscribe to its mailing list on this page. Find at the right bar some useful links about our group.

We are currently ~20 astronomers including several people from Chilean universities, see the list clickable on the right bar.

We hold monthly meetings (see link on the right bar) in which we discuss anything related to star clusters, e.g. new results obtained by members of our groups, recent star cluster papers, ideas for proposals and common activities.

Within our group we cover a broad range of topics from stellar associations to globular cluster systems. This includes the dynamical and chemical evolution evolution of clusters, star formation in clusters, clusters as tracers of larger scale structure and galaxy formation, the star cluster -- dwarf galaxy connections.

Information on our second Chile internal May 2014 workshop

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Information on the international ESO workshop 'Dynamics of Low-Mass Stellar Systems' in April 2011

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Information on our Chile-internal March 2009 workshop

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