Monthly meetings

Group meetings with talks are typically held from 11:30am to 12:30 every month in one of the meeting rooms of the ESO Vitacura offices. They can be transmitted by videolink to Paranal and La Silla upon request sent to,, and, at the latest the Tuesday before the meeting.

Meetings in 2013

Date Speakers Topic
February 14
Anna Sippel
N-body simulations of black holes in star clusters
  Matthias Frank & Steffen Mieske
Black holes in UCDs
April 30
Iskren Georgiev
HST/WFPC2 analysis of structural parameters of nuclear star clusters in >200 late-type, volume limited (<30Mpc) spiral galaxies
May 17 Elena Valenti
Stellar ages through the corners of the Boxy Milky Way bulge
May 24 Oscar Gonzales
Galactic Bulge Metallicity
June 26 Steffen Mieske
Conference Summary "Small Stellar Systems in Tuscany"
August 14 Jeremy Fensch
Does self-enrichment in globular clusters depend on environment?
September 24 Mia Bovill (PUC)
The formation and evolution of the faintest stellar systems in the Local Group
  Anna Sippel
Colour evolution of globular clusters

Meetings in 2012

Date Speakers Topic
March 21
Yazan Momany
Significant Mass-Loss among the red giants of 47Tuc ? VISIR says "Nay"
April 11
Claudio Melo
The effects of differential reddening and stellar rotation on the appearance of multiple populations in star clusters: the case of Trumpler 20

May 9
Loredana Lovisi
BSS in Globular Clusters: chemical abundances and kinematical properties

June 27
Joachim Venderbeke
Color-Metallicity relations for Galactic Globular Clusters

September 13
Gustavo Baume
Open clusters in the Milky Way

  Andrea Mehner
Eta Carinae

October 11
Andreas Kuepper
Are Ultra-Faint Dwarfs just Ultra-Fluffy Star Clusters?

November 28
Steffen Mieske
Extragalactic Globular Clusters


Meetings in 2011

Date Speakers Topic
February 24
Andreas Kuepper (AIfA Bonn)
Star Cluster Formation as seen in R 136
March 24
Matthias Frank (ARI Heidelberg) Internal Dynamics of UCDs: Dark matter or Dark stars?
April 4-8 Maaany people ESO international workshop
May 26 Lucie Jilkova The orbit of the old metal rich cluster NGC 6791
June 30 Caroline Foster The link between extragalactic GCs and their hosts: the case of the 'ordinary' ellipitical galaxy NGC 4494
August 4 Ivo Saviane Calcium Triplet Measurement of a Large Sample of Galactic GCs
September 29 All Discussion of ESO observing proposals on star clusters submitted for P89
November 3
Giovanni Carraro
NGC 6791
  M. Montalto
NGC 6253

Meetings in 2010

Date Speakers Topic
March 11 Andreas Kuepper N-body simulations of star cluster tidal tails
  Giovanni Carraro Open clusters in the Galactic Disk as tracers of spiral structure
April 8 Everyone Summary of submitted ESO observing proposals on star clusters
May 6 Matthias Frank (ESO Garching) Internal properties of ultra-compact dwarf galaxies
  Ingo Misgeld (LMU Munich) Ensemble properties of ultra-compact dwarf galaxies
June 3 Karla Alamo Globular Cluster Systems in cD galaxies
  Lucie Jilkova

Proper-motion based membership analysis of cluster stars

July 8 Michael West Remnant Globular Cluster Streams in Galaxy Halos
  Steffen Mieske A search for UCDs in compact groups of galaxies


August 19


Andreas Kuepper


The curious case of Palomar 13


September 23


George Hau


Bridging the gap between bright dwarfs and UCDs


November 18


Giovanni Carraro


Workshop summary: Spiral Structure in the Milky Way; Confronting Observations and Theory