Journal Club


The journal clubs are scheduled from 11am to noon every second Friday, in the main conference room. They can be transmitted by videolink to Paranal and La Silla upon request sent to and, at the latest the Wednesday before the journal club at 9am.

Journal Clubs to come (2010)

Date Speaker Topic
November 19
Alvaro Alvarez, ESO Chile
The 'dwarf planet' Eris through the eyes of XSHOOTER

Past Journal Clubs (2010)

Date Speaker Topic
November 9 Andres Jordan, PUC Chile

Potentials of ALMA and APEX for planetary sciences


October 19 James Jenkins, U. de Chile

Discussion about GJ 581 g


August 24 Jean-Philippe Berger ESO, Chile

PIONIER: Precision Integrated-Optics Near-infrared Imaging Experiment PIONIER Info


May 25 Valentin Ivanov ESO Chile Multiple Transiting Extrasolar Planets: Orbital Plane Alignment Within Systems Containing "Hot Planets'. (start 11:00am main auditorium Vitacura)
May 11 Claudio Melo, ESO Chile First Journal Club in 2010: Retrogade orbit of extrasolar planets

Past Journal Clubs - 2009

Date Speaker Topic
June 23 Alvaro Alvarez, ESO Chile
May 12 Benoit Carry, l'Observatoire de Paris Is there a magnetic field on Asteroid (4) Vesta?
May 26 Christophe Dumas, ESO Six Hot Topics in Planetary Astronomydownload paper

Past Journal Clubs - 2008

Date Speaker Topic
Jan. 15 Daniel Kubas, ESO New Exoplanet Discoveries by Microlensing Technique
Jan. 29 Nuria Huelamo, LAEFF-INTA, Spain A young massive planet in a star-disk system
Setiawan et al., 2008, Nature Letters
Feb. 12 Claudio Caceres, ESO High cadence observations of transits of extrasolar planets
Mar. 11 Jean-Philippe Beaulieu, IAP, France Some news from transiting hot planets:
- A ~5 M_Earth Planet Orbiting GJ 436?: The Power of Near-Grazing Transits
- Water and Methane in the atmosphere of HD189733b
Mar. 25 Arnaud Cassan, University of Heidelberg, Germany Lunch talk: A Triple System by Microlensing
Apr. 8 Pedro Figuiera, Observatoire de Genève Extrasolar Planets Modelling: The composition of GJ 436
Apr. 22 Philippe Rousselot, Besancon Observatory, France Cometary activity in the solar system
June 03 Daniel Kubas, ESO Tools and News about Microlensing Exoplanets
June 17 Francesca DeMeo, Paris Observatory, France Resolved spectroscopy of Pluto and Charon
July 1 Colin Snodgrass & Benoit Carry, ESO, Chile Solar System Small Bodies: an update before ACM
Aug 26 Bruno Sicardy. Obs. de Paris - LESIA & Univ. Pierre et Marie Curie, France Probing remote solar system bodies with stellar occultations

Past Journal Clubs - 2007

Date Speaker Topic
Jan. 30 Benoît Carry, ESO A close view of a dwarf planet: Adaptive Optics Study of Ceres
Feb. 13 Gael Chauvin, ESO Multiplicity and Planetary Formation
Feb. 27 Martin Vannier, ESO Perspectives of interferometry for planetary science: solar system small bodies & exoplanets
Mar. 13 Colin Snodgrass, ESO Cometary nuclei: current science & projects to come
Mar. 27 Christophe Dumas, ESO Cryovolcanism on outer solar system bodies
Apr. 10 Dante Minniti, PUC, Chile Simulations for multi-object spectrograph planet surveys (astroph/0703344)
Apr. 24 Claudio Melo, ESO Direct detection of extra-solar planets with Spitzer
May 08 Rodrigo Diaz, IAFE, Argentina A Search for Transiting Exoplanets Using the VLT
May 22 Emmanuel Jehin, ESO The great comet of 2007
Jun. 05 Markus Hartung, ESO Titan
Jul. 03 Kerstin Geissler, ESO Mid-infrared imaging of brown dwarfs
Jul. 17 Gabriela Parisi, IAR, Argentina Dust processing in young cirsumstellar disks
Aug. 14 Benoît Carry, ESO Asteroid 2 Pallas Physical Properties from Near-Infrared High-Angular Resolution Imagery
Aug. 28 Gael Chauvin, LAOG-CNRS, France From NACO to SPHERE, a new step toward the detection and characterization of planetary systems
Sep. 11 Christophe Dumas, ESO Canceled Planetary applications of LGS with SINFONI/NACO & first results
Sep. 25 Colin Snodgrass, ESO &
Benoît Carry, ESO
DPS dry-run (Colin, Benoît) and Europlanet 2007 Scientific Highlights (by Colin)
Oct. 23 Christophe Dumas, ESO Planetary applications of LGS with SINFONI/NACO & First Results
Nov. 06 Daniel Hestroffer, IMCCE, France Asteroid Physical Properties from Astrometry
Nov. 22 Claudio Melo, ESO Origin of the metallicity dependence of exoplanet host stars in the protoplanetary disc mass distribution
Wyatt, M. et al., MNRAS 2007, 380, 1737
Dec. 04 Valentin Ivanov, ESO Planets around weird stars
Gould and Kilic
Payne and Lodato
Dec. 18 Stephane Brillant, ESO HD 189733: Water or no water?
Beaulieu et al. ApJ ...
Ehrenreich et al. 2007. ApJ 668, 179
Tinetti et al. 2007. Nature 448, 169