Thesis Topic: Panchromatic modelling of the most intrinsically luminous Herschel-selected galaxy


Thesis Supervisors: Rob Ivsion ( and Michele Cirasuolo


We have identified the most intrinsically luminous galaxy in the widest Herschel extragalactic imaging survey. Panchromatic observations from HST, Spitzer, JVLA, SMA, ALMA and IRAM PdBI have revealed that HATLAS J084933 is the progenitor of a massive cluster at z=2.4, dominated by two galaxies, each a hyperluminous infrared galaxy (HyLIRG) with a rotating gas disc and undergoing an extreme burst of star formation.  XMM-Newton and VLT/KMOS data have revealed a broad-line AGN in the more luminous of the two HyLIRGs, apparently with little intrinsic absorption, throwing our understanding of this object up in the air (Ivison et al. 2019, MNRAS, 489, 427).  In this project we will analyse a much deeper X-ray spectrum of the AGN, together with X-shooter spectroscopy.  We will also model the pan-chromatic spectral energy distribution, from X-rays to the radio, to understand the role of the AGN in this system.

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