Thesis Topic: Study of the molecular gas in planet-forming disks with ALMA


 Thesis Supervisor: Anna Miotello



Thanks to the advent of ALMA we are now able to study planet-forming disks at an unprecedented level of details. In particular, we can finally access the structure and composition of their gaseous component thanks to molecular line emission. This is extremely relevant as disk evolution, all the way to planet formation, is mainly driven by the gas. Furthermore, constraints on the disk gas composition allow us to compare them with exoplanetary atmospheres, which are the fossil records of the conditions in which these planets were formed.

The project would involve ALMA data reduction, analysis, and interpretation in collaboration with local ALMA experts and with an international team. Over the years of the PhD program a prospective student would be encouraged and trained to write observing proposals to collect more data. Depending on the interests of the candidate, the project can have a more theoretical focus, i.e., using physical-chemical models that could allow a more complete interpretation of the observations.

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