Late Breaking News

10 September, 2019:

As announced in the Call for Proposals for Period 105, Normal Programmes for nFLASH at APEX can request up to 199 hours, if requiring PWV > 2mm.
In this case, users should apply for 99 hours and state in the Special Remarks field what is the correct amount of time requested.


2 September, 2019:

VLT-XMM proposals

Note that for targets of opportunity to be observed simultaneous with both facilities, the minimum reaction/trigger time is two days.


30 August 2019:

It seems that the https link to the VLTI Expertise Centres mentioned on page 6 of the Call for proposals does not work any longer. Please use instead the http link:

 Since Period 104, new users needing assistance to prepare their VLTI proposals can
request in-depth support to the community supported VLTI Expertise Centres.
Several centres are disseminated throughout Europe. These centres also o er support
for advanced data reduction and analysis.