General Phase 2 Documentation

For a successful service mode run it is absolutely essential that all users read the following documentation.


P2 tutorials are available for a number of instruments. Please select an instrument from the instrument drop-down menu on the right. A dedicated test environment is available for p2 at 

Also available are some general general tutorials on the use of scheduling containers, on the attachment of finding charts, on filling out the README, and on finalizing the overall Phase 2 submission.

Please be informed that a set of template OBs are available in the p2demo. Under each Observing Run you will able to access to the Instrument’s specific Tutorial folder, where we have stored some example OBs designed for different modes and observing strategy. Please fell free to copy and paste these OBs into your working folder. The template OBs can be also exported via the import/export function. Please do not change the content of the Tutorial folders.

Additional documentation for GRAVITY

GRAVITY User Manual/Template Reference Guide

It is essential that all GRAVITY users have read the following manuals:

The GRAVITY User Manual gives an overview of the GRAVITY instrument, its operating modes and overheads, appropriate for proposal and observation preparation. The Template Reference Guide describes in detail the observing, calibration and technical GRAVITY templates needed to create Observation Blocks. The VLTI User's manual describes the general characteristics and performances of the VLTI that are independent of the scientific instrument used.

GRAVITY P2 Tutorial

A GRAVITY p2 Tutorial has been prepared to guide you through the preparation of Observation Blocks (OBs).
A p2 Tutorial on VLTI Imaging specifically has been prepared to guide you through the creation of a group of concatenations for imaging.

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