The ObsPrep tab of p2 allows interactive planning of the observations, e.g. the fine-tuning of the science field pointing, the selection of blind offset stars, and/or the selection of VLT guide stars. The choices made are directly reflected by an update of the respective parameters in the OB acquisition template, the science templates, and the target tab. Note that the target tab must be filled in and an acquisition template in the Obs Description tab has to be chosen before ObsPrep can be used.

For P106 observation preparation support is provided with the p2/ObsPrep tool for the following instruments and modes: MUSE (all modes), HAWK-I (all modes), X-Shooter (all modes), VISIR (all modes), ESPRESSO (all modes), UVES (all modes), FLAMES (Argus fast acquisition)

New features have been implemented and minor bugs been fixed in the latest release of ObsPrep. Most notably is the visualization and interactive planning of observing offsets, such as generic offsets for imaging and IFU, and nod-on-slit for spectroscopic observations. Furthermore, ObsPrep has now an interface to upload user provided background images which are also automatically used to create finding charts.


Here we present a short video illustrating how to use ObsPrep in p2.