p2 : a web-based tool for the preparation of your Phase 2 material

The web application p2 must be used to prepare Phase 2 material of Paranal's service and visitor mode (SM and VM, respectively) runs, including designated VM. The "cousin" of p2 for La Silla is p2ls and must be used for preparation of observations of (designated) VM observation for La Silla. The La Silla users can use the p2 Help pages as a reference guide-line for the use of p2ls.

Please be aware of the following:

  • Service Mode runs: All OBs that were submitted (check-in) via P2PP3 in P100 or before are visible in p2 under the previous run ID. Those OBs can be re-used by copying & pasting from the pre-P101 run to the current run within p2. Please notice that the creation of OBs with p2 inside P100 observing runs and earlier is not supported in p2. Runs younger then P90 are not visible in p2.
  • Visitor Mode runs: OBs belonging to visitor mode runs that were executed at least once during P100 or before are already visible in p2 under the previous run ID. Those OBs can be re-used and simply copy & pasted from the pre-P100 run to the current run within p2.

Users who wants to import a large amounts (> 100) of OBX files or scheduling containers into the database and as such made available in p2 should use the obximport Python script. Please find here further details.


Before starting to use p2 please familiarize here with the general concepts related to the preparation of the Phase 2 material. A short description of few basic advantages related to the use of the web p2 interface can be found here.

Please check the help pages for few specific instructions on preparation of Phase 2 material with p2.

The new Phase 2 web interface is available at the following URL:


For the preparation of visitor mode observations at La Silla please use the following URL:


Please log-in using your ESO User Portal credentials.

General comments and suggestions related to Phase 2 material preparation and p2 can be sent via https://support.eso.org/ to ESO User Support Department. 

p2 is implemented using Google’s angular framework [https://angular.io]. Please check here for a complete list of supported browsers.