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QC1 database:

QC1 database:
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Access to the QC1 database and its tools

Access with write permission (qc1Ingest, qc1Hide)

To use qc1Ingest, the user needs implementation of, and access to, sybase. A sybase installation should exist on the operational machines. Type 'which isql' to verify.

The tool qc1Ingest should also exist on the operational machines. For installation contact DFS.

qc1Hide exists as a password-protected web interface.

Access with read permission (qc1_browser, qc1_plotter)

Both interfaces are web interfaces. They are public and are found here.

Access through SQL statements

Connect to the database

The QC1 database is installed on a server called ESOECF_DIRECT (coded as DFO variable $QC1_SERVER). Its name is 'qc1'.

Type on the unix prompt:

isql -Uqc -P<password> -SESOECF_DIRECT -w999

(-w999 is needed to avoid line breaks for long output lines).

This brings you the isql prompt. Type

use qc1
select * from qc1_tables

This gives you a list of existing tables. If there is no table for your instrument, provide the table description. Check out here how to do this.

Another way of doing this would be to type


to have an overview of all tables, and

sp_help <table_name>

to have an overview of all keys in table <table_name>.

A third way (without explicit use of SQL) is qc1Ingest,

qc1Ingest -instrume <ins_id> -table <table_name>.

Launch SQL queries

The database query language is SQL. Its syntax is (kind of) intuitive. You can access the full content of the QC1 database if you start an isql session and run SQL queries.

Select one table to proceed, e.g. uves_bias, and launch a select statement:

cdbfile, mjd_obs, median_master
median_master > 150.

Here all values with median_master > 150 are returned.

A query to translate the arcfile name into the associated cdbfile name is:

select cdbfile from uves_bias where arcfile = "UVES.2002-02-19T09:42:47.651.fits"

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