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QC1 database: User's guide

This is the User's guide for the interfaces to the QC1 Database .

There are three web-based interfaces:

  • a master interface
  • an interface for browsing the content of a QC1 database table
  • an interface for plotting the content of a QC1 database table.

They all connect to the QC1 database containing Quality Control information about the VLT instruments. This information has been obtained by processing raw data using the instrument pipeline. This information is called Quality Control Level 1, or shortly QC1.

The QC1 database contains a set of tables per instrument. One table usually corresponds to one type of calibration frame. E.g., all QC1 information for the UVES arclamp calibrations is collected in a table uves_wave.

The information in the QC1 database is sorted and offered in a rather technical way. E.g., it has quite a number of keywords with special meaning. Although some basic documentation is provided, a certain level of familiarity of the user with the instrument, the data and the keywords is assumed. This is why these interfaces are offered in 'expert mode'.

A more user-oriented, high level interface is the usual QC1 interface accessible on the QC web pages.

General interface

The master interface is accessed under http://archive.eso.org/bin/qc1_cgi.

It shows for each supported instrument the available set of tables, and related links to the qc1_plotter and qc1_browser. Clicking on the instrument at left displays the subset for that instrument only.

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From here you go to the selected browser of plotter interface.


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