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QC1 database:

QC1 database:
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The design of the QC1 database and its interfaces is described in the design document (2001-03-09).
( Note that some features have been built in a different way, so the design document should be read to get the high-level concept, but not all the details.)

Detailed specifications have been written for the following components:

tool/component comment
qc1Browser interactive browser for the QC1 database (expert mode)
qc1Plotter interactive plotter for the QC1 database
qc1Hide [pdf] find and hide entries
table definition files format of user-controlled configuration files
link to general QC1 interface [pdf] technical link to the existing general QC1 interfaces

Apart from the documents, some templates for the browser design and the plotter design have been directly used as design specifications.