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QC1 database:

QC1 database:
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Quality Control level 1 ("QC1") is the measurement of parameters on pipeline products. These parameters are used to

  • assess and control the quality of these products,
  • to monitor the performance of the telescope, instrument and detector system.

These parameters are defined by the QC scientist. They are measured by procedures which usually are part of pipeline recipes.

QC1 parameters may be related to properties of a single frame (although for its measurement a number of input frames may be used), or to properties of a set of frames typically taken as representative for a whole night or even a longer period. An example of the latter case are the photometric zeropoints for a given night. Another example are colour coefficients which may be evaluated from a set of input data covering a period of weeks or months.

Creating and assessing QC1 parameters is a core function of QC Garching. In order to provide central storage, maintenance and access to the parameters, a QC1 database has been created.

As part of the QC1 database, user interfaces have been created to browse the data and to plot them. These interfaces open the QC1 data pool to other users and enables e.g. trending studies or quality assessment in the context of a data package.

These interfaces are meant to come in expert-mode. They are not optimized for easy and self-explaining use, but are designed to offer complete access to the QC1 database.