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Settings supported by the UVES pipeline

QC Garching processes calibration data for all UVES settings. But there are a number of standard settings which are used very often and which therefore have a long and dense trending history. For most of these standard settings scoring is supported (i.e. automatic flagging of issues).
MODE Central Wavelength (nm)
BLUE 346
DICHR1 346
DICHR2 346
DICHR1 390
DICHR2 390
BLUE 437
DICHR1 437
DICHR2 437
RED 520
DICHR1 564
RED 580
DICHR1 580
RED 600
DICHR2 760
RED 860
DICHR1 860
DICHR2 860

Generally only 1x1 and 2x2 binning are standard settings. The RED 600 setting is supported only as unbinned (1x1) mode.

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