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QTH10 flat lamp
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QTH50 flat lamp
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He arc lamp
Ne arc lamp
Ar arc lamp
QC1 database (advanced users): browse | plot
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VIMOS has the following types of calibration lamps:

  • QTH10 halogen lamp: used for MOS spectroscopic flats with LR and MR grisms and for IMG screen flats with VRIz filters
  • QTH50 halogen lamp: used for all IFU spectroscopic flats, for MOS spectroscopic flats with HR grisms, and for IMG screen flats with U and B filters
  • Helium arc lamp
  • Neon arc lamp
  • Argon arc lamp.
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QC1 parameters

parameter QC1 database: table, name procedure
IMG lamp performance (QTH10/QTH50) vimos_scrflat, efficiency median level of 1600x1800 central pixels from screen flats, divided by exposure time
IFU FF lamps (QTH50 performance) vimos_ifu_flat, flux measured from IFU flats; mean integrated signal per fibre per second
He, Ne, Ar arc lamp performace vimos_ifu_lamps, He_flux
vimos_ifu_lamps, Ne_flux
vimos_ifu_lamps, Ar_flux
measured from IFU arc lamp; integrated flux of a single emission line (per fibre)


For performance trending of the flat field lamps used for IMG mode, screenflats with UBVRI filters are used. For IFU flat trending, daytime Health Check measurements with HR_orange are used. Arc lamp performance is also trended with daytime HR_orange IFU calibrations.


date event
2007-10 exchange of He lamps; new flux level is a bit lower
2008-03 adapted extraction algorithm for IFU flats with pipeline version V2.1.9; extracted flux decreased (IFU FF lamps plot)
2009-12 pipeline V2.2.6 makes use of individual exposure times for the arc lamps (which are not available before 2009-11); therefore, pipeline-calculated flux changed
2010-10 lamp flux problems for He and Ne, see PPRS-037215
2014-09 HC plot IFUQTH10 removed from navigation bars because the IFU LR_red flats that are used here are actually taken with the QTH50 lamp since 2009-11-25