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FLAMES is the acronym for the Fibre Large Array Multi Element Spectrograph. It is a multi-component spectroscopic facility installed at the Nasmyth A focus of UT2/Kueyen. FLAMES is able to feed two spectrographs simultaneously through fibre connections, UVES and GIRAFFE.

GIRAFFE is the medium-to-high-resolution multi-object spectrograph and is exclusively fed by FLAMES.

UVES, the ultraviolet-visuell echelle spectrograph, has two modes: the fibre-linked MOS mode which is part of FLAMES, and a stand-alone mode as echelle spectrograph.

Find details about the FLAMES instrument here.

From the Data Flow Operations point of view, data from these instruments fall into three different categories:


Find details about the FLAMES/GIRAFFE data here.
Find details about the UVES-Echelle data here.
Find details about the FLAMES/UVES-FIBRE data here.

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