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UVES is the high-resolution spectroscopic facility installed at the Nasmyth B focus of UT2/Kueyen. UVES is fed both directly from UT2 (this mode being called UVES or UVES-Echelle) and via fibres from FLAMES (this mode being called FLAMES/UVES). Find more about the UVES facility here. Find more about the FLAMES facility here.

This section of the the Data Processing and Quality Control web pages covers UVES (a.k.a. UVES-Echelle) and FLAMES/UVES (a.k.a. UVES-MOS) data.

Find the FLAMES/Giraffe section here. A general description of the FLAMES capabilities is also available.

All calibration data from UVES and FLAMES/UVES pass Data Flow Operations Garching.

Use the UVES archive webpage to browse and download UVES raw data.

More information on the UVES and FLAMES instruments, especially all technical aspects, can be found on the UVES and FLAMES web pages. The current UVES User's Manual which deals with UVES-Echelle observing is available here. The current FLAMES User's Manual which deals with UVES-MOS observing is available here.

Find here information on UVES and FLAME/UVES Quality Control, pipeline processing, and Data Flow Operations topics.

Find the high-resolution UVES solar (sky) spectrum here, and the same for FLAMES/UVES here.

The sky emission spectrum as measured with UVES is available here.

SCIENCE-grade data products available:


UVES ECHELLE data, point sources (incl. SLICER): quality-controlled, homogeneous processing of entire data history into flux-calibrated spectral data products; new data are added on a monthly basis; data products older than one year are freely accessable, younger data products are available to PIs.