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telluric STD star trending available (2009-05-01)
PSF standard star trending available (2009-05-01)
SCIENCE trending available (2009-06-15)
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SINFONI (a Spectrograph for Integral Field Observations in the Near Infra-red) is an integral field spectrograph fed by an adaptive optics module and resides at the Cassegrain focus of UT4 (Yepun). The spectrograph operates with 4 gratings (J, H, K, and H+K: 1.1 - 2.45 µm) providing a spectral resolution of about 2000, 3000, 4000 in J, H, and K, respectively, and 1500 in H+K. The spatial resolution is selectable from 0.25", 0.1" or 0.025" per image slice and results in fields-of-view of 8"x 8", 3"x 3", or 0.8"x 0.8", respectively. Aside from using SINFONI with AO stars and/or a laser guide star the instrument can be also used for seeing-limited open-loop observations.


More information on the SINFONI instrument and its technical details can be found on the SINFONI web pages.

Current and past SINFONI User's Manuals are available here.

The SINFONI data reduction cookbook is available here (direct download of PDF file).

The SINFONI pipeline public release is here.


All calibration data from SINFONI pass through Data Flow Operations (DFO) in Garching.

Use the SINFONI archive web page to browse and download SINFONI raw data.

A detailed description of SINFONI Quality Control and trending, pipeline processing, and Data Flow Operations topics can be found here.


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