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Why bother about complexity?

The more complex a module is, the more likely it is to contain errors, and the more difficult it is to test. The more complex it is, the harder it is to maintain. The more it contains errors, the more it needs to be maintained. The problem feeds itself! Some algorithms are complex, regardless of the way they are implemented, but in most cases complex implementation is due to bad design.

o   McCabe metrics:

    V(g)    Cyclomatic number (control flow complexity)
Notice though, that the cyclomatic complexity is a measure of the program's control complexity and not the data complexity. Furthermore, the same weight is placed on nested and non-nested loops. However, deeply nested conditional structures are harder to understand than non-nested structures.

o   Halstead's software science metrics:

    V       Program volume or information content
    B       Estimated number of bugs
    T       Implementation time (or time to understand)
    D       Difficulty level, error proneness
    E       Effort to implement
    L       Program level
    N       Program length,
    N1      Number of operators
    N2      Number of operands
    n       Vocabulary size
    n1      Number of unique operators
    n2      Number of unique operands

Some notes on CMTJava:
  • CMTJava assumes code is syntactically correct, but it doesn't check that.
  • The McCabe complexity at file level is computed using the following algorithm:
    • Start calculations from 1.
    • If the file contains function definitions or class/struct declarations, whose McCabe complexity is over one, add of each of them the amount how much they are over one. For example, if some function has complexity 5, the file level complexity measure is increased by 4.
    • If there is some code between function definitions or class/struct declarations (there might be conditional compilation directives like #ifdef), add that complexity to the file level measure.

Example of Complexity Computation

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