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UML and Patterns

A good software design must be realistics, adaptable, simple and efficent.
To achieve this purpose, design patterns can be used.

Design patterns are standard ways to solve common design problems. They make sure that your code is easier to maintain and understand. Patterns are usually classified according either to the Gang of Four book (click here) or according to the application domain.

Click here for a summary table on Patterns. A map showing the relationship between the various design patterns can be found here.

An excellent, exhaustive reference on patterns is the one by Douglas Schmidt, to be found here, or also Vince Huston's page.

Object-oriented Software design (OOD) and analysis (OOA) comply today with industry standards mentioned in principles.

UML Summary Diagrams:

Association, generalization, multiplicity Class, Activity Diagrams Package, Sequence, Deployment, Collaboration Diagrams Use Cases, State Diagrams

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