La Silla Weather Information

This section contains the weather information at La Silla as reported by the astronomer on duty.

A dedicated page provides information about Electric Storms at the La Silla site and related safety issues

This information is given in the form of a set of percentages which measure the amount of night time of the night which was photmetric, spectroscopy or useless. This percentage sum up to 100%.

From Oct.95 to Jun.96 the information was reported by the Night Assistants from the NTT team. The data from July to Sep.96 was a courtesy from M.Burnet (Swiss Telescope) and the observers from the Schmidt Telescope.

Some definitions

  • A night or part of the night is photometric, when photometrical conditions are fullfilled.
  • A night or part of the night is spectroscopic when no photometric conditions are reported but one can still do spectroscopy.
  • A night or part of the night is useless, when the telescopes have to be closed because of the wind and/or humidity

Further La Silla Astroclimatology Data