Late Breaking News

Sept 29 2015:

SPHERE: In general, observations using the IRDIS_LSS mode should be requested in Visitor Mode. However, if very good conditions are critical for the observations, this mode can now also be requested in Service Mode.

A clear justification regarding the need for Service Mode should be provided and will be assessed as part of the technical feasibility review: if very good conditions are not required, the programme will be reassigned to Visitor Mode. Observations using the IRDIS_LSS mode in Service Mode should be requested in a separate run from possible other observations.


Sept 25th 2015:

CRIRES: The ESO Call for Proposals for P97 states that, due to the CRIRES upgrade, operations would likely not start before the end of 2017. The timeframe has since been updated: first light is expected during Q2 2018 with community access expected shortly after.