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Last update: 2024-04-22T04:37:53 (UT)

General news: NOTE: The Health Check and calChecker services are moved to qcFlow on an instrument by instrument basis. The current pages will not be updated any longer once the move has been finished.

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KPI     no scoring
detector:_bias   bias_Normal bias_Fast
    2023-02-17 PR-184257 high RON for Fast mode reported weeks ago an updated [scerda@eso.org]
detector:_monitoring   dark linearity&gain fp-noise contamination correlations
gratings:_stability   grating
lamps:_stability   SIM-lamp FF-lamp ARC-lamp NAS-lamp
    2023-01-22 Lamp ("Tungsten") was replaced and adjusted around Jan 22 2023, hence the bad values around that day. It took a while to sort out, but the red flag should vanish in the next week, once all settings have been re-taken [sciops-dsc@eso.org]
flat:_level   Health all_FLATs per_WLN
flat:_saturation   all_FLATs
wavelength_calib   rms N_lines resolution
    2023-03-06 Nlines ticket: https://wits.pl.eso.org/browse/PR-184803 [qc_flames@eso.org] 2024-02-02 long-term trend in losing resolution (in all modes if you look at the full history) is known. This requires re-focusing the instrument, which will be done in due course. BHa [bhaeussl@eso.org]
fibre_width   Health all_FLATs
fibre_system   Health all_FLATs
fibre_stability_(historical)     no scoring
system_efficiency   Efficiency per_WLN
    2021-10-19 signal for the STD was low [qc_flames@eso.org]