ERIS Commissioning

During the successful commissioning runs of ERIS at VLT UT4 in 2022, selected astronomical targets were observed to demonstrate the capabilities of the instrument, to find the best observing strategies and to optimize the performance of the data reduction pipeline.

Data obtained during those runs can be used as a reference for planning future observations and also possibly for scientific work. However, it needs to be noted that the data obtained during commissioning runs, when instrument setup and software are tested, may have some limitations. The observing times may not be optimal, the file headers may be incomplete and not homogeneous, etc.

Relevant calibration frames can be identified and downloaded when the request for the data is made.

Commissioning Data


NIX Focal Plane Coronagraphy:


Pipeline Tutorial Dataset

The following is a set of raw science frames that can be used as a tutorial data for demonstrating the ERIS pipeline.


If these data are used for publication, please acknowledge that the results are based on public data released from the ERIS commissioning observations at the VLT Yepun (UT4) telescope under Programmes ID 60.A-9917(F). 

Please also note that all publications must acknowledge the use of ESO data.