Target Change Request

IMPORTANT: ESO is now offering use of the web application p2 for Phase 2 preparation for all Paranal observing runs from Period 102 onward.  The web application p2 fully replaces the use of P2PP for the preparation of the Phase 2 observing material for all telescopes/instruments for both Service and Visitor Mode runs on Paranal. Please check our help section about p2 for instructions on how to notify ESO when your material is ready.

To ensure the observing efficiency and flexibility of Service Mode observing, ESO has implemented a number of rules, procedures and limitations on programmes scheduled for Service mode. Typically, these have to do with OB construction, observing strategy, or instrument modes available.

In some special cases it is possible to admit some justified exceptions to these rules with a reduced operational impact. However, it is necessary that the exceptions have been reviewed and authorized by ESO well in advance.

In particular and according to the ESO Phase 2 policies, Phase 2 targets must agree with the ones submitted at Phase 1. The use of new targets must be requested by the user via a Target Change Request.

The creation and submission of Phase 2 Waiver Requests and Programme Change Requests is now fully supported in the p2 user inerface. Once logged in, the user should select the Run for which they intend to submit a Target Change Request. By clicking on the Run, the user will be able to access the Change Request menu on the right top (see snapshot above). 

By selecting Target under Change Request, the user will be guided though the submission of a Target Change Request.

Below we present a 2 minute video illustrating how to submit a Target Change Request in p2.