Release of Proxima Centauri HARPS Science Spectra

Published: 09 Sep 2016
RV curve of Proxima Cen planet candidate

The 1-D spectral data products from the HARPS observations for ESO programme 096.C-0082, P.I. Anglada-Escudé, from January to March 2016, are now available from the Science Archive Facility. The results on the detection of a planet candidate around Proxima Cen from the analysis of these spectra, among others, are published in G. Anglada-Escudé et al. 2016.

These HARPS spectra can be queried and downloaded using the Phase 3 generic query form, or the dedicated Phase 3 query form suited to harvest 1D spectra from ESO programme 096.C-0082. More information regarding the data format and specification are available in the data release description for HARPS in-house processed data.