About the Science Newsletter

The purpose of the ESO Science Newsletter is to keep the community informed about current activities of interest at ESO. These communications will include announcements of calls for proposals, announcements for special observing opportunities such as delta calls or surveys, announcements of opportunities for instrumentation or software development, and other information of interest to the community.

The ESO Science Newsletter lies between scientific press releases published as the research is published and The ESO Messenger with its in-depth articles and more general information concerning the organisation. The newsletter will appear roughly every few months or whenever important news becomes available. It will not replace the regular ESO publications such as The Messenger or Press Releases.

Available Issues

All available issues of the ESO Science Newsletter are listed in the Science Newsletter Archive page.

The ESO Science Newsletter replaces the ESO Electronic Newsletter (Enews) from 2013. Back issues of Electronic Newsletter (2006-2012) are archived and remain available.


The distribution list for the ESO Science Newsletter remains the same as for the previous Enews: all holders of an ESO User Portal account who opted for the subscription will receive the ESO Science Newsletter regularly. New users can subscribe via the User Portal.