Update on the Period 107 Special Call for Proposals

Published: 29 Jan 2021
Paranal at sunrise

As previously announced, ESO is implementing a Special Call (hereafter SC107) for the submission of projects consisting of novel and urgent observations that could be executed during P107 (April 1 – September 30, 2021). SC107 will be open only to proposals concerning a highly compelling and competitive scientific topic, requiring urgent observations; proposals of a risky nature, requiring a small amount of observing time to test the feasibility of a programme; and proposals asking for follow-up observations of a programme recently conducted from ground-based and/or space telescope facilities, where rapid implementation holds the promise of breakthrough results. Only up to 15% of the time dedicated to science observations will be available through SC107. It is therefore expected that only exceptional, highly rated science cases may be allocated telescope time. Resubmissions of previously rejected proposals will not be considered.

SC107 will be open as of April 1st, 2021 and proposals will be submitted through a dedicated cycle using the p1 proposal submission tool. The applications will be reviewed by a committee of experts external to ESO, aiming at a turnaround time of one to two weeks (proposal submission to observations queuing). Although the plan is to keep SC107 open for the whole duration of the period, external factors (e.g., the evolution of the pandemic) may require adjustments along the way. The users' community will be promptly informed.

Detailed instructions for the preparation and submission of SC107 proposals are provided in a dedicated webpage

During P107, the Director's Discretionary Time channel will remain open but restricted to proposals targeting objects of a transient nature and not covered by an approved Target of Opportunity programme, requiring immediate observations of a sudden and unexpected astronomical event.