Online La Silla Paranal Users Workshop - A Short Meeting to Get Started with P110 Proposal Preparation

Published: 25 Feb 2022

The P110 Call for Proposal is open and ESO is offering a short session on the latest information users need to write proposals for La Silla, Paranal, and APEX. This session will happen on Friday, March 11th at 12 CET on Teams.

This 1.5 hours session will provide an overview of the available material on the workshop website, and then cover the following topics:

  • News and changes in P110
  • Distributed Peer Review (DPR): what it is, and how it does (not) impact the preparation of proposals
  • APEX: why I should use this last chance to apply for time on this telescope

Finally, there will be the possibility for anyone present to ask questions on these aspects of the proposal preparation.

For further information visit the workshop website. There is no registration fee but intending participants are invited to register here. The link for the meeting will be available on the website in the days before the event.